Jacob Cohn | Associate Member & Gold Industry Partner
Arrow Termite & Pest Control

It’s the relationships and community. I firmly believe having a strong local HBA makes the Baton
Rouge area better. If you are involved in HBA and it is important to you, you will get benefits.

For those who may not know, describe your business and expertise.

  • Arrow Termite and Pest Control is a family owned and operated business since 1958. We have evolved from a termite focused company to also be experts in dealing with all kinds of other pests such as rodents, bedbugs, fleas, home pest control, mosquitoes, industrial and marine pest control, commercial pest control, and even Pest Control Attic Insulation. Arrow is the biggest industry leader in Louisiana when it comes to new construction termite and pest control. We are now proud to offer our services not just to Baton Rouge, but to all of Louisiana. I personally have been working at Arrow for over 14 years. My individual expertise involves me wearing many hats and doing what is needed to keep our customers happy. This includes pests, products, sales, safety, and preventing problems by having effective hiring and training.

How long have you been an HBA member and why did you choose to become one?

  • I don’t have the records to show how long we have been a member. Best estimate is It was around when I was born, and I am 30 years old. We choose to stay with HBA, not just for the obvious business opportunities, but for the relationships. The great relationships keep us involved and build value for our company, organization, and for the community.

Why is HBA important to you?

  • It’s the relationships and community. I firmly believe having a strong local HBA makes the Baton Rouge area better. If you are involved in HBA and it is important to you, you will get benefits.

What is your favorite memory while being involved in HBA?

  • Besides all the great memories I don’t remember from the great socials we have? Just kidding… I remember sponsoring the parade of homes and listening to Coach O speak about 5 feet away from me. I couldn’t understand some of what he said, but it was memorable, and I was entertained. Geaux Tigers.

What is something you’ve learned through HBA’s resources and have been able to apply it to your business?

  • I’ve learned why expenses and taxes have risen for builders. I’ve learned that regulations are only getting tighter. I’ve learned that if I was building my home, I would choose an HBA member because they are more educated on how to build a quality house and do it the right way.

What is one of the biggest accomplishments of your business thus far?

  • We recently celebrated over 60 years in business and my brother, Joseph, and I are third generation pest control operators. We have done well expanding and growing while keeping a family owned atmosphere. We make a constant effort to be fair to our employees and have a safe working environment. It is a huge task to accomplish every day, but it must be done so they are prepared to best take care of our clients.

Describe your community involvement.

  • My family has been involved in the Baton Rouge community since 1978. We are involved in the church community, the St. Jude Dream Home, Wheels to Succeed, CASA, and many more. We are also involved with many realtors, builders, and property managers in the community and speak at HOA meetings on a regular basis to educate homeowners about pests and termites in their neighborhood. My personal favorite is that we have a program called “Good Bug, Bad Bug” where my mother goes to schools and teaches young kids about insects. If you can believe it, some pests are actually good and we don’t try to kill those! My mom is the sweetest.

What are some steps you’ve taken in your business to improve the home
building industry?

  • Education and Options. Arrow offers the largest variety of services to our homebuilders and additional warranty options that no other company in Louisiana offers. I personally have travelled out of state on multiple occasions to be able to train & offer additional services to builders that will benefit their clients. For the building industry, we are proud that we have increased our involvement with our builders and the association as we can see the extreme value it brings to our business.

What’s your strategy to ensure continued growth of Arrow Termite & Pest Control?

  • Put the customer and safety first. We are in the service industry and if I put my clients and the safety of my employees first, then Arrow will do just fine.

How has evolving technology changed your industry, and how has your company adapted?

  • Customer service software, vehicle safety options, and marketing options have come a long way. Although we do lots of training and field quality assurance, Facetime has been a big thing for us so we can check more jobs with our route managers on site and fix any issue as they occur. With all these options, the best way to connect with a client, employee, or potential client is still valuable face to face interaction.