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Committees are an integral part of successful organizations. Their purpose include: supplementing the work of the board and staff; engaging members; and developing leaders. As an HBA member, your input is needed. We strongly encourage all HBA|GBR members to become involved in at least one committee or council.

Below is a list of our committees and their subcommittees. Meetings are held quarterly or on an as needed basis.


Membership Committee – The Thirty

The Thirty is designed to allow company representatives to actively build relationships with the organization’s members while promoting membership growth, creating cohesiveness, and improving retention among new and long-lasting members. The Thirty also actively promotes HBA|GBR’s mission by educating members about the benefits and resources available.

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2023 quarterly meeting dates are:

  • January 17th at Noon – Location: HBA Office
  • May 16th at Noon – Location TBA
  • August 15th at Noon – Location TBA
  • October 10th at Noon – Location TBA


Maintains the current level of membership and focuses on net-growth. Identifies companies that are not HBA members and makes the ask to join. Initiatives membership campaigns that prioritize why businesses should become a member (Incentive-based for recruiting members. Ex. $1,200 Reimbursement to IBS Conference, Travel Reimbursement, Gift Cards, etc.


Serves as a “mentor” for new and existing members. Creates meaningful touch points throughout the year and act as a liaison for the HBA and its members. Reviews member benefits and provides feedback on programs and services that are valuable to our members.


Shares the organization’s promotions and business intelligence through individual and company networks. Invites and promotes organization events through social media outlets and direct outreach. Communicates to assigned members over the year to keep members updated on the benefits of their membership.


Assists with planning and execution of organization events including PAC Fundraisers, Foundation House, CE Classes, HBA Industry Meetings, Parade of Homes, and Year End Celebration. Identifies needed continuing education topics, secures speakers and presenters, and coordinated scheduling.

Staff Lead:

Karen Zito
President & CEO

Governance Committee – Association, Foundation, & PAC

(must have demonstrated experience)


Review the Association, Foundation, and PAC Bylaws and recommend any appropriate changes, additions, and/or deletions to the Board of Directors. The organizational governance structure is included in the bylaws. 


Monitor the annual budgets (Association, Foundation, and PAC), support raising the funds needed to execute the annual work plan, and offer feedback and guidance on needed programs or resources necessary to exceed monetary goals to remain relevant and valuable to our partners and members. Identify and suggest any grants or scholarships to be given by the Association or Foundation. 


Coordinate and implement the organization’s three-year strategic plan. Assist with facilitating focus groups and board member strategy sessions to prioritize the work areas and tasks to exceed goals. 


Review the Employee Handbook and gives suggestions on areas and language that need updating. The subcommittee also gives insight on staff performance reviews and metrics. 

Staff Lead:

Karen Zito
President & CEO

Governmental Affairs Committee

Coordinate the work of the committee in each of the nine parishes the HBA Coordinate the work of the committee in each of the nine parishes the HBA serves – Ascension, Livingston, East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Iberville, East Feliciana, West Feliciana, Point Coupee, and St. Helena. Responsible for giving feedback and participating in any specific parish’s discussion on regulation and policy affecting the homebuilding industry. Interview candidates running for office during election cycles. Meets at least quarterly or as issues arise and must remain consistent with sending feedback on issues. Examples of industry issues addressed:

  • Permitting
  • Codes
  • Impact Fees
  • Taxes
  • Land Use
  • Utilities
  • Environmental

2023 Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting Dates:

  • April 18th at 10:30am – Location TBA
  • August 15th at 10:30am – Location TBA
  • October 17th at 10:30am – Location TBA

Staff Lead:

Karen Zito
President & CEO

Public Relations Committee

(must have demonstrated experience)

Work to increase the visibility and awareness of the Association and Foundation in Greater Baton Rouge. Coordinate the messaging for the HBA, HBF, and HBPAC. Utilize individual and company influence to connect the organization to media, philanthropic opportunities, and promotional resources. Meets twice each year.

Staff Lead:

Karen Zito
President & CEO

Workforce Development Committee

Work to increase regional impact as a resource for workforce development initiatives. Maintain relationships with local learning institutions and at-risk youth programs to provide educational resources and training programs. Identify funding sources and scholarship opportunities. Meets as needed.

Staff Lead:

Karen Zito
President & CEO

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad Hoc Committees are appointed for a specific purpose. The committee will disband after completing its assigned project.


Oversee the construction process for the Association’s new office building. Committee will disband upon new building completion. Meets as needed. Subcommittees include:

    • Land Development
    • Financing – Budget/Bids/Fundraising
    • Compliance
    • Architectural Design
    • Interior/Exterior Finishes

Staff Lead:

Karen Zito
President & CEO