Now that you have decided to refinance your house or perhaps purchase a new home, you may need a mortgage on the property.  Simply stated, a mortgage is a loan where your lender gives you money and you pledge the property (house) back to the lender if you do not pay your monthly loan amount.

Mortgages are commonly obtained from banks, financial businesses, or credit unions.  These institutions must follow strict guidelines from the government for creating a mortgage because of mandated guidelines and rules.  Also, there are multiple types of mortgage programs so you should discuss your program options with your loan originator.  

Now, there are many documents required to apply for a mortgage loan and your loan originator will have a list of documents needed for your loan application.  Here are a few tips or basics to jump start the mortgage application process. 

  • Obtain two years of income taxes (minimum),
  • Copy of your W-2 forms from your employer,
  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Documents that show a clear path of your income,
  • Credit report……

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