Vendor Booths at the 2018 Building & Remodeling Show

View or download the Lamar Dixon 4-H Building layout for the 2018 Building and Remodeling Show and see a listing of each vendor's booth. There are also links to Download the full Guidebook or get contact information for each vendor via the the 2018 Buyer's Guide!

Academy Painting S-807
Acadian Home Theater, Automation & Security S-903
Acadian House Kitchen + Bath Design S-802/804
America’s Home Place N-207
Arrow Pest Control S-107
Ascension Credit Union S-405/407
Assurance Financial N-013
Assured Flooring, Inc S-402/404
Bathfitter N-307/309
Bozeman N-014/015/016
Brian Keith Pools S-019
Cajun Cypress S-023
Cambria N-802/804
Home Builders Association of Greater Baton Rouge S-210
Casey Grainger Agency- State Farm N-501
Central Heating & Air, LLC N-401/403
Central Pools N-600
Clay Lawrence Design Studio S-021
Coburn’s N-012
Cutco N-312
Cypress Wood & Lumber LLC S-410
Economy Brick Sales S-020
Entergy N-205
Eustis Mortgage S-406
Expand Inc S-803
Floor Coverings International South Baton Rouge & Northshore Nola S-307
For Sale By Owner Baton Rouge N-409
Gafford Builders, Inc. N-401/403
Garage Experts of Baton Rouge N-606
GEICO Local Office N-208
GMFS N-203
Gorman Bros Appliances & Lighting S-103/S-202
Gulf Coast Bank S-022
Habitat For Humanity Restore
Hardware Studio N-808
Hancock Whitney Bank S-105
HMC Generator S-203/205
Holmes Building Materials N-108, N-209
Innovative Audio N-705
Inspired Closets N-701
Integrated Home Systems N-601
Ivey Construction N-603
J&C Wood Products N-104
Jimstone Co. S-024
Kitchen Craft S-311/313
J&C Wood Products N-104
Jimstone Co. S-024
Kitchen Craft S-311/313
La House
Louisiana Fire Extinguisher, INC N-806
Louisiana Propane Dealers N-106
M&M Glass N-400/402, N-500/502
Manuel Builders N-311
Marchand’s Interior & Hardware S-907/S-806
Martin Construction Inc S-204/206
Mattress Direct N-300/302/304
MaxHome S-303
Mid South Coatings S-301, S-400
Mireworks, LLC N-703
Mosquito Joe N-314
Ninja Coatings N-609, N-710
Northlake Design + Build N-503
Office of Attorney General
Jeff Landry
Optimize EGS S-305
Pat’s Power Tools & Central Vacuum Services N-707
Pelican Paint Group N-308/310
Pennington Biomedical
Research Center
Radar’s Insulation N-602
Re-Bath of South Louisiana S-302/304
Regions Bank N-313
Relief Windows S-209/211/213, S-308/310/312
Renewal by Anderson of
South Louisiana
Rhino Shield N-509, N-608
River City Termite & Pest Control Inc. S-412
Softub N-411/413
Southern Home
Improvement Center
Spencer’s Contracting.LLC N-405
Spicer Construction, Inc
Sunblet Lighting N-100/102
The HomeMag S-025
The Olde Mill S-706
Title Plus N-201
Tommy’s Windows,
Doors & Siding
United Design Stone S-700/702
West Side Rubber & Restoration N-507
Window World N-200/202, N-310, N-303
Zitro Construction N-607