The Thirty, HBA|GBR’s Membership Committee, is comprised of dedicated HBA|GBR member ambassadors who are committed to building valuable connections, attracting the best and brightest individuals to the HBA community, cultivating meaningful bonds, and amplifying the HBA|GBR message and impact, among both new and long-standing members.

This innovative program serves as a powerful tool that allows ambassadors to leverage their knowledge and passion while promoting HBA|GBR’s mission and educating members about wide-ranging benefits and abundant resources that are available.

Together, The Thirty ignites synergy, elevates our efforts, and creates an alliance of extraordinary individuals working towards a common goal.


Chair & Builder Member | Pinnacle Exterior Construction

Shane Dantin

Associate Member | M&M Glass Company

Alexandra Aitken

Builder Member | Manchac Homes

Russell Alleman

Builder Member | Meridian Homes

Brian Aucoin

Builder Member | Manuel Builders

Allison Babin

Associate Member | Baum Environmental Group

Diane Baum

Associate Member | MFB Title Solutions

Charles Blaize

Associate Member | Ferguson

Adam Boudreaux

Builder Member | Bardwell Homes

Danny Bracey

Builder Member | Traditions Construction

Taylor Braud

Builder Member | HoneyB Construction

Taylor Brignac

Associate Member | Arrow Termite and Pest Control

Rebecca Bruton

Associate Member | Arrow Termite and Pest Control

Jacob Cohn

Associate Member | Sasquatch Waste

Joshua Crowdus

John Daly
Associate Member | Blumberg and Associates

John Daly

Associate Member | Homebuilders SIF

Chris Duncan

Associate Member | Ferguson

Andree Duplantis

Builder Member | Leblanc & Fresina Builders

Trent Fresina

Builder Member | Manuel Builders

Jenna Griffin

Associate Member | Holmes Building Materials

Matthew Holmes

Associate Member | Hillary Hooper's Interiors

Hillary Hooper

Associate Member | HOUSETIPS

Michael LeBas

Builder Member |LeBlanc & Fresina Builders

Blake LeBlanc

Associate Member | LA Pro

Chandler Legrange

Associate Member | MFB Title Solutions

Darby Mann

Associate Member | Red River Bank

Laura Marshall

Associate Member | Holmes Building Materials

Jake Moses

Builder Member | Canebrake Builders

Chris Pike

Associate Member | ProSource Wholesale

Renee Price

Associate Member | Capital One Spark Card

Eric Relle

Builder Member | Bardwell Homes

Megan Scherer

Builder Member | Colony Homes

Dominick Sparacino

Associate Member | M&M Glass Company

Maddi Street

Associate Member | Capital City Lighting

Bridget Tate

Associate Member | RoyOMartin

Ryan Tracezewitz

Associate Member | Hollingsworth Design

Kyle Treloar

Associate Member | Louisiana Generators

Lance Valentine

Associate Member | Pella Windows and Doors

Natalie Villalobos

Builder Member | Waguespack Homes

Bart Waguespack


Building strong connections and interactions is crucial for fostering meaningful relationships and engagement. By actively connecting with our stakeholders, partners, and the community, we can ignite interest and captivate their attention. The Thirty makes every effort to ensure interactions are warm and friendly, and thus enhancing the experience for event attendees, partners, and members.

The Thirty ambassadors attract the best and brightest individuals who share the passion and values of HBA|GBR, making a significant impact on our organization’s growth and strength. The Thirty focuses on maintaining current membership levels while identifying future HBA|GBR members and partners to grow our HBA|GBR community. By actively participating in recruitment efforts, The Thirty can unlock exciting rewards and benefits including exclusive access to travel reimbursements to NAHB and LHBA meetings, complimentary event registrations, enticing gift cards and more.

The Thirty recognizes that our networks need ongoing cultivation. By fostering a supportive environment and offering opportunities for growth, we can strengthen our bonds with partners and retain their unwavering loyalty. The Thirty ambassadors work together to cultivate unity, facilitate collaboration, and win the hearts of our valued members and partners!

The Thirty raises awareness and expands HBA|GBR’s reach. Through strategic network promotion, The Thirty empowers our mission, uplifts our brand, and becomes trendsetters for our industry. By tapping into the power of partnerships, Foundation and PAC fundraisers, Parade of Homes participation and sponsorship, and ticket sales, we can raise the bar, celebrate our accomplishments, and attract new members.


  • Complimentary event registration while volunteering
  • Numerous incentives for retention, recruitment, and event invitations
  • The Thirty exclusive nametag
  • Create annual events with HBA|GBR staff to engage HBA|GBR members
  • Recognition at HBA|GBR’s Industry Meetings
  • Public recognition on HBA|GBR’s website
  • Quarterly socials to network and highlight successes
  • Exclusive introduction at one HBA|GBR board meeting annually
  • Member testimonial on HBA|GBR social media