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Online sources state that the average person will spend approximately 416 days in the bathroom. No matter the accuracy of that figure, we can all agree that we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. They’re typically the smallest room in the house, often making them cheaper but trickier to upgrade.

We suggest doing some research before diving into a bathroom remodel. Here are some simple tips to get you started!

Consider your colors

If your bathroom feels a bit tight, consider switching the color of your walls. White easily reflects light, making a space feel larger. However, you should avoid white walls in bathrooms lacking natural light. Light colors in dim spaces have the opposite effect, making a space feel cramped and drab.

Build into walls

Building into walls helps you maximize your bathroom without expanding the room. Creating niches or alcoves into your walls increases storage without sacrificing space. Depending on your bathroom walls, everything from shelving to soap holders can be recessed.

Choose durable flooring

Choose bathroom flooring that is strong enough to deal with daily splashes and then some. Some durable bath flooring options include:

Ceramic Tile

A tried-and-true option. Ceramic tile is sharp and durable but beware of slipping.

Vinyl or Linoleum

The floors are lower-cost and easier to clean. However, these materials are more susceptible to water damage than other options.


A great alternative to traditional hardwood. Bamboo is stylish and water-resistant, though they are prone to scratching.

Consider inset cabinetry

Every inch makes a difference in smaller bathrooms. Inset cabinet doors lay flush with the cupboard, increasing the room’s perceived scale. They give a more refined look while reducing damage from nicks and bumps.

Pick the right counters

It takes a hardy material to support a bathroom sink. Bathroom counters deal with everything from sink splashes to hair product stains. While finding a stylish countertop is important, ensure it is strong enough to sustain daily use. Consider the bathroom countertop materials below:


A favorite among homeowners, granite countertops are easy on the eye while remaining durable. While commonly thought of as a luxury material, granite composites are becoming more and more affordable.


Laminates may be more affordable. However, they can still make your bathroom appear high-end. They offer design flexibility with styles mimicking other materials like marble. Just be careful with your flat iron, as laminate may burn or warp.


Tile is for more than just your shower space. These countertops are sturdy and have plenty of design potential. Be sure to keep a regular cleaning schedule, as residue often collects in grout lines.

Keep major fixtures in place

If you want to cut costs on your remodel, avoid moving plumbing appliances like toilets, sinks, and showers. Transporting fixtures means spending more on tearing out floors and rerouting plumbing. Instead of moving appliances, just replace them while keeping them in the same position.

Know your tubs

There’s nothing like a peaceful bath. Before shopping for your tub, it helps to know the common tub types.

Alcove (Recessed)

Alcoves are the most common type of tub. They are mounted between three walls, helping you maximize space. You will most likely see these tubs accompanied by built-in showers.

Drop in

Drop-in tubs are like alcoves; however, these are fitted with frames. These enclosures often match cabinets or tiles for an unobtrusive look.


These tubs are built directly into the floor and are usually lined by surrounding tile.


These tubs have a bowl-like appearance that stands independently in a bathroom. Freestanding tubs do not need walls for support. However, we recommend locating them near water lines.

Talk to an Expert!

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