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There is an old saying, “You never know who is going to walk through your front door”. So why not make a statement before they arrive by choosing a door that speaks to the personality of both you and your home. 

You have a lot of options to consider when choosing a door so how can you narrow it down to the essentials? Here are the top four things to consider when trying to figure out what may be the best fit for you and your home.  

#1 Knock. Knock. Who’s There? Materials Matter.

Knocking on a door will tell your guests right away that what’s on the inside is what matters. You have options when it comes to the type of door you want for your home and thinking about curb appeal is a great way to choose the type of material you prefer for your door. 

Perhaps you and your home are more traditional and so having a classic wooden door that is painted or stained is the right choice for your home. You realize that having a wooden door may come with more maintenance, but you are up for the challenge because it fits you. 

Maybe you own a more modern home and want to use a clad door option that has beautiful, clean lines and large areas of glass. They are also low maintenance and highly customizable. 

And then maybe practicality runs strong in your DNA, and you want something that is extremely durable like a fiberglass door that will not expand or rot and can also be painted or stained. 

Regardless of what type of door fits your personality best, there are lots of benefits across the board depending on the type of door material you choose.

#2 Door Hangers Dream: Design & Aesthetics

The design of your front door says everything about you and your home as well. You’ll have to consider wooden stain or color, glass, or no glass, frosted, or not frosted, etc. The easiest way to think about the design of your front door is to view your house from the curb and consider the personality and aesthetics of the home. 

Consider what your landscape looks like as you approach the home as well as what color the exterior walls are tangential to the door. Besides color and texture, you also must consider what level of privacy you want from the inside looking out. 

Maybe you want privacy and so having a solid traditional door with simple lines fits best with the exterior walls, landscape, and walkway leading to the home. Perhaps you want a few simple panes of glass that allow you to see outside but limit visibility to the inside of your home. Or maybe you have an entryway that deserves a larger window of glass in the front door to showcase the front of your home all the way from the street. 

#3 SHUT the front door: Insulation & Swing

Keeping the cool air in the house is easier with the front door closed. But did you know that insulation can also be an important aspect of choosing a front door. Steel and fiberglass doors are generally going to be more energy efficient because they offer more insulation than a traditional wooden door. 

It’s also important to note that the framing of the door and the weather stripping itself can cause air to leak from the house. Since wooden doors are known to expand and contract more with different weather conditions, it can create more of a moving target for air leaks. 

The other item to consider with the door itself is the swing of the door. Will the front door swing to the outside or does the landscape and entryway lend itself better to having the door swing to the inside? Inside and outside elements around the doorway can help you determine which direction is best. 

#4 What’s Behind Door #1, Bob? Security Features

Security is a critical feature to consider when selecting a front door. Keeping the valuables inside your home protected from an intruder means choosing a door that has ample security features. While the type of materials used in the door are similar in strength, it’s the locking mechanism itself that is most important when it comes to security. 

You are going to want to choose a door that has a deadbolt mechanism that measures at least one inch long and re-enforced with a metal plate. It’s also important to make sure that the door framing is deep enough that the locking mechanism isn’t easily compromised. If you have glass doors, the glass should be armored and feature both bulletproof and sledgehammer proofing. 

Talk with the experts on choosing your front door. 

Here at the Home Builders Association of Greater Baton Rouge, we are fortunate to work with trusted partners who are experts in their fields. If you are looking to find the right door for your home, we recommend working with one of our partners like Holmes Building Materials. They have experts on site ready to help you figure out which door will make both your home and personality shine. Contact them today to learn more.