HBA urges Municipalities to join ICC

By February 16, 2022Advocacy

Why Should Local Government Jurisdictions Join the International Code Council (ICC)?  

Representatives of local government offices ultimately decide the ICC’s model building codes through the online governmental consensus vote. While there are thousands of government offices registered, there are tens of thousands that are not. Only representatives from eligible government jurisdictions may participate in the pivotal online governmental consensus vote. In 2022, the International Residential Code (IRC) will be developed, with a vote in the fall. The deadline for local jurisdictions to register for ICC membership for this cycle is Friday, February 25, 2022.  


Benefits of Membership for Jurisdictions  

  • Your voice will be heard in the development of building codes. Rather than letting special interests and large municipalities dictate codes and advance agendas, smaller jurisdictions can ensure building codes are sensible and enforceable, and result in safe, decent, and affordable housing for your constituents and neighbors.  
  • Choose your level of participation in the ICC Code Development Process. Write proposed changes, collaborate with others in writing and revising proposed changes, join Code Action Committees, or just vote on proposed changes. Because the voting process is entirely online, your membership will not require travel if you desire.  
  • Interpretations of code related questions can be requested from ICC experts to help you better understand and enforce the codes  
  • Discounts on ICC code products, including the code books every jurisdiction purchases. New members also receive a free digital code book.  
  • Annual membership dues are affordable. A jurisdiction with a population under 50,000 pays only $145/year. For jurisdictions with populations between 50,000 and 150,000, the cost is just $265/year. 

Current Listing as of February 2022.