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Let this sink in! As one of the most used kitchen furnishings, the sink is not only a focal point for remodels but can also be a game changer for kitchen time efficiency. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to choose between the multiple styles, designs, and finishes available. Understanding the key differences may help to make your kitchen remodel just a little bit easier. 

Choosing a Style of Sink

Below are a few options you can choose from when it comes to installation types.

Drop-in Sinks: Popular due to their sleek appearance and easy installation, these sinks sit inside the countertop. They typically feature raised edges to reduce spillage. 

Farmhouse Sinks: Perfect for large dishes, farmhouse sinks use a deep and wide basin connected to a countertop. These sinks make excellent focal points, especially in traditional, rustic-style homes. 

Flush Mount Sinks: Flush mount sinks are level with countertops. Their straight edges run flat with the counter. With a minimal design, these sinks are great for smaller kitchen spaces. 

Integrated Sinks: Another minimal design, integrated sinks use the same material as its countertop. Like flush mounts, they sit flat inside the counter like a small alcove. This gives it an unintrusive, sleek look. 

Deciding on the Number of Basins

Before sink shopping, it helps to know the size and number of basins that you need.

The typical number of sink basins usually ranges from one to three. The number of basins affects the size of the dishes you can wash and how you divide your cleaning tasks. 

If you decide on a multiple-basin sink, you must determine the sizes to split your basins into. Most sinks use a 50-50 design, though it’s common to have a 60-40 split. These designs typically reserve the smaller basin as a prep sink with a garbage disposal. 

Single Basin Sinks: These sinks allow for larger pots and pans. They include a wide area for soaking dishes. Many also feature sloped floors that help guide water toward the drain. 

Double Basin Sinks: Perfect for segmenting tasks like washing and rinsing, these sinks help to keep you organized. You can choose between basin sizes, using one for cooking utensils and the other for dishes. 

Triple Basin Sinks: A great choice for big families, these sinks allow for even more dishes. Triple basin sinks use either even-sized basins or a single small basin as a prep sink. 

Choosing Your Sink Material 

When it comes to sink materials, durability is as important as design. You need a sink that can withstand scratching, scrubbing, and cleaning chemicals. 

Stainless Steel: A popular choice for the modern homeowner, stainless steel sinks are strong and sleek. However, they need regular attention to avoid water spotting. Look for lower-gauge steels for higher dent, scratch, and sound resistance. 

Copper: Copper sinks may seem eclectic, but they offer practical utilities for any homeowner. Copper is a reliable material that also offers germ-protection. That’s because copper’s patina is a natural algaecide and fungicide. The material also transforms into a gorgeous emerald-blue over time. 

Granite Composite: As opposed to granite, granite composites provide discoloration and scratch resistance. The non-porous material also makes cleaning up easier. 

Cast Iron: Found in many traditional designs, cast iron basins give your kitchen a classic feel. They are heat resistant and their enamel makes cleaning easy. However, cast iron is susceptible to potential scratching and chipping over time. 

Finding the Right Faucets: Mounts, Holes, & Finishes


Counter or deck-mounted faucets rest on either your counter or sink edge. Counter-mounted faucets are a common choice as they draw more attention to the design of your sink. These enable creativity, coming in a greater variety of styles and finishes. 

Wall-mounted is a more contemporary option. These mounts originate in commercial and industrial settings. However, designers began incorporating them into modern designs. Wall-mounted sinks allow more counter and sink space, making them great for tighter kitchens. 

Faucet Holes

The number of faucet holes drilled into your sink determines the number of handles and features the fixture has. These features typically include side-sprayers, soap dispensers, or hot water taps for teas or cocoa. 

Single-hole Faucets: Perfect for minimal designs, single-hole faucets feature only one lever for changing temperature. These faucets typically incorporate side-sprayers or pull-down sprayers for hard to hard-to-reach rinses. 

Three-hole Layout: Also called “two-handle faucets,” these fixtures use two separate handles for hot and cold water. These faucets are kitchen staples as they draw attention to your sink as a design piece. Instead of pull-down sprayers, these faucets typically feature side-sprayers. 

Four-hole Layouts: Four-hole layouts or “bridge faucets” are two-handle sinks connected by a center bridge. An excellent focal point, water travels through either two or three faucet holes and mixes in its center. These faucets are typically complete with side-sprayers. 


It’s only appropriate that the final decision to be made is the fixture finishes. Below are a few popular finishes for your sink fixtures. 

Chrome: Both durable and versatile, chrome remains one of the most popular finishes for homeowners.

Brushed Nickel: A more contemporary choice, these durable faucets look great in any remodel. 

Copper: These finishes are strong as they are striking. Their unique polish makes for a unique focal point. 

Stainless Steel: Another popular option, they have an excellent appearance that lasts. 

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