Livingston: Ordinance Committee request feedback from developers

By December 1, 2021Advocacy

On November 30th, the Livingston Parish Ordinance Committee meeting including several agenda items relevant to the home building industry.

New item, Submittal Ordinance, was discussed with Garry Talbert requesting more information from the attendees to discuss why the planning department grants up to 5% variance on different phases of filings.

The Drainage Impact Fees Ordinance took most of the discussion time with all but one speaking against. Members of the committee and audience referenced there was a lot of grey areas, undefined. Below are the following reasons stated that the ordinance should not be adopted in its current form:

  • Defining how the area retention would be classified:  watershed, HUC, etc.
  • Recognized the need to look at the larger area and how water is detained
  • Legal definition of the development’s impact of the in and outflow of water
  • Consideration of credits towards to developers who positively impact drainage without be required

Livingston Parish Drainage Impact Fee Ordinance (November 4, 2021)

CONTACT Livingston Parish Ordinance Committee Members:
Chair Tracy Girlinghouse, Councilman District 7, (225)236-8774,
Vice Chair Maurice “Scooter” Keen, Councilman District 3, (225)305-8996,
R.C. “Bubba” Harris, Councilman District 5, (225)363-5155,
Garry Talbert, Councilman District 2, (225)933-6456,
*Committee members also serve on Livingston Parish Council.

Advocate Article on November 26th: One-time development fee debated in Livingston Parish amid growth concerns, flood threats

To learn more about impact fees and other industry issues, please contact Melissa Parmelee, Community and Government Relations.