ULDC Updates for approval at Ascension Planning Meeting on Feb. 16

By February 9, 2022Advocacy

Proposed Changes to Ascension Parish ULDC

Agenda Item (10) Ordinance – Public Hearing to Recommend Approval or Denial to the Parish Council Amendments to the Ascension Parish Unified Land Development Code:

a. Modifications to the Ascension Parish Unified Land Development Code Appendix IV – Subdivision Regulations, Section:

1) 17-2082-B.Fence requirements. {New Section}.
2) 17-405. Preliminary plat procedure.
3) 17-4021. Large Scale Development.
4) 17-4032. Street requirements.
5) 17-4032.B. Access and connectivity. {New Section}.
6) 17-4037. Servitudes: (Utilities and drainage) requirements.
7) 17-4039. Block requirements.
8) 17-4060. Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) {Replaces ATTACHMENT A – TIA POLICY}.

To provide feedback on proposed changes, please contact Melissa Parmelee, Community and Government Relations.