Zachary: Progress continues on UDC Review

By November 2, 2021Advocacy

With the help of Villavaso and Associates, the City of Zachary Council has reviewed the Unified Development Code through four working groups. The latest updates were approved by by the council on October 26, 2021, and can be found here.

Areas of interests for development:

  • Sec. 3.502 A. 2. Subdivisions with 60 or more lots, regardless of phasing shall be designed for at least (2) connections to existing or planned streets. (B.) Subdivision Access *New Text*
  • Sec. 3.503 A. Right-of-Way Width – Local Street (Residential) now 60 ft.
  • Division 4.400 Open Spaces – Minimum Open Space Required (new section)

Please contact with any questions.